What Is A Hydronic Heating System?

Now that it’s really getting cold in Wisconsin, people are starting to prepare the homes for the harsh winter. Hydronic heating is a type of home heating system that uses tubing to run a hot liquid underneath the floor, along the walls, and through radiators. This type of heating system was common before furnace and HVAC systems. However, it’s rising once again in popularity because of its energy efficiency.

How Does Hydronic Heating Work?

Houses heated by these heating systems have a system of plastic tubing running all throughout the house. It’s most commonly underneath flooring and along the base of walls. The system continually pumps a hot liquid through the pipes to warm the house.

This is in comparison to HVAC systems that heat the air in the furnace and pump that hot air through vents in the ceiling. They are both very effective ways to heat your home.

Why Is Hydronic Heating Energy Efficient?

These heating systems are energy efficient for several reasons. For one, you get to control the exact temperature you want the room to be.

Many people have temperature control systems that are separated by each room. For example, if you are not using a room in your house, you can cut it off from receiving hot liquid through its pipe system, so as not to heat a room that no one uses.

Warm Floors = Extra Comfort

One notable perk of having a hydronic heating system is that your floors are always warm. Hopping out of bed in the morning is not so bad when the floor isn’t as cold as ice! Hydronic heating systems basic operations means your home’s floors are always warm and comfortable.

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