Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Having sewer or drain problems? Here at Ihn Company Inc. we offer professional, and dependable sewer & drain cleaning in Milwaukee, Waukesha and southeastern Wisconsin. Our family owned business prides itself on safety, affordability and quality, just as we would expect for our family.

Signs of a Deeper Issue

If you’re experiencing backups in your drains, the problem probably goes deeper than the surface. Chances are, you have a clog in your drain or sewer and it’s time for a cleaning. Dependent on whether you’re experiencing backups in all of your drains or just specific drains, you can usually tell that it’s simply a clog in the main pipelines or just an isolated section. This is also important information that could be overlooked if you’re taking this on as a home project– a course of action we don’t recommend. Why? Because our experienced plumbers have the technologies and knowledge that can help you find the root cause of your problem.

Common Causes of Sewer and Drain Backups

Common causes of sewer and drain backups include, but are not limited to: internal clogs from toilet paper, toys, grease, hair, and even tree roots. Your toilet should never be used as a waste basket. Leaving most things to the actual waste basket is key for maintaining a clean pipe system. Tree roots would be one of that last areas of suspect, especially if the area above your sewage lines is tree-free. However, the outreach of neighboring trees can likely be the culprit. The roots can grow into the pipes, causing holes or blockages, even wrapping themselves around your sewer line and crushing it. If you suspect that you have a clogged sewer or drain, it’s important that you have it inspected and repaired as quickly as possible. Addressing the problem with quick fixes such as Drain-O will cause more harm than good as the chemical properties of this topical solution will only damage your pipes. It is advised to service your drains about every month, if possible, to keep them clean of debris. Maintenance is the best way to keep problems from cropping up and worsening.

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