Water Piping

Installing water piping is a deleterious task and a lot more complicated than people think. Improperly installed water piping can lead to drips, leaks and gushers, which all can cause long-term damage. To properly install water pipes, you need to understand water force and water pressure, pipe styles and necessary municipal codes. Why risk it if you don’t have to? Contact us for dependable, high-quality plumbing service and repair.

Dirty Pipes are a Safety Concern

Ensuring your pipes are clean is a safety concern not only for your household but for the environment. Water plants add Orthophosphate to water to avoid corrosion. It bonds with lead, making a protective coating between water and lead. If there is a break within this barrier, then 02 can oxidize the lead and leak potentially poisonous lead into your home and environmental water stream. We can mitigate most water piping crises. Our professionals can install floodstop water technologies that detect and cease the flow of water in said appliances, nixing problems once and for all. Consult with us today to ensure against this or to install your lead free pipes today!

Technology Equals More Efficient Diagnosis and Repairs

Water piping and plumbing has come a long way in recent years, leading to a reduction in household expenses due to more efficient diagnosis and repairs.

Here at Ihn we specialize in plumbing and have advanced technologies that allow us to use a less invasive and cost effective approach, using cameras to diagnose issues, saving you money and time in the process! Though this was once a costly and difficult procedure, we can now bring options to you including: cleaning the interior of the pipes with abrasive blasting, recovering pipes already in place with epoxy resin, and sealing and stopping leaks. Naturally, this saves you money, time and annoyance at having your daily routine disrupted by plumbing work.

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From touch-less faucets to touch-less toilets, call us if you’re looking for the most technological advanced options on the market today. Trust your local and trustworthy plumbers to get the job done! We are right here with you along the way as your household needs change and need improvements or maintenance!