Water Lateral Repairs

All homes and properties that are connected to a sewer system have a water lateral. A water lateral is the underground transportation system that takes water used inside your home to your city’s sanitary sewer system. Water lateral repairs are necessary when this system breaks, but can often be identified prior to an emergency.

Water Lateral Problems

A crack within the lateral poses big problems not only for the property owner but also for the city. Not only can water lateral problems overwhelm the city’s overall sewer system, cracks in the system can also allow excess groundwater to escape into the pipes. This backup in the sewer system can become so serious that your basement will become the receiver of the overflow of wastewater and groundwater. Tree roots may also prove hazardous to water laterals. As the roots draw in the water found in the pipes, they’re also gathering whatever else is floating around in the pipes, ultimately leading to a clog in the pipelines. If you’re uncertain if you have a crack in your lateral, a sure sign would be water in the basement when the weather is dry. The water you find is water that has been used in the house and couldn’t be taken out of the house through the broken lateral.

What To Do If you Have a Broken Water Lateral

If you suspect you have a crack in your lateral or that you’re needing repairs for your sewer laterals, contact our professional plumbing team right away! With our camera technologies, we can go inside of the lateral and find out for certain what the cause of the issue is, saving time, money and leaving the environment undisrupted. Finding sewage in your yard or surrounding areas, or the putrid smell of sewage are more signs that you need to get your water lateral looked at ASAP! If you haven’t had your lateral serviced in five to ten years, it’s time! Here at Ihn our professional plumbers have years of experience dealing with these issues. Give us a call today if you notice any of the above signs and our family run business with deliver exceptional work for the most affordable price on the market!

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