Sewer Repairs

Got a sewer problem? Need sewer repairs? Look no further than your local Milwaukee plumbing specialists! For professional repair of sewers in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and beyond, call Ihn Company Inc. today! IHN Company Inc. offers local professional, and dependable sewer inspection services and repairs in Milwaukee, Waukesha and throughout southeastern Wisconsin!

Warning Signs of a Faulty Sewer

Beyond the most obvious sign you may need to get your sewer looked at (the rancid smell of sewage), there’s also the following telltale signs: flooding inside or outside of your home, mold, water gushing from the drains, and unexplained soft spots in your yard. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a red flag that your sewer is in need of serious attention and it’s vital that you contact professionals immediately. For prompt, local and professional sewer repairs, call us today! Our team of certified plumbers can quickly and accurately diagnose your sewer problems so that repairs can start before costly damage occurs. Our family-run business specializes in providing plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties.

If your sewer problems are left un-diagnosed, bigger problems can ensue. The main job of the sewer lines is to transport wastewater from the house, where it then travels underground to the sewer mains. Similar to having a clog in the toilet, imagine having that clog some 20 feet underground: you cannot see it, but you can smell signs that something is wrong. A clog in the sewer lines can cause raw sewage to leak into your house, leaving you with no other option but to replace or repair the sewer lines.

Camera Technology

Once you notice any of these red flags, you can be certain the problem has been there for some time. It’s essentially a domino effect and the signs are the last line of defense. Our professionals use camera technology to see inside the pipe lines to diagnose the problem, giving you the most cost-effective repair options. This technology can also show us cracks or breaks in the sewer lines that may open up your home to a rodent problem. Additionally, the last thing you want is sewage coming back into your house as, on average, human waste carries over 50 communicable diseases.

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