Needing a hand in remodeling? Ihn Company Inc. offers local and high-quality bathroom and kitchen plumbing remodeling. Whether you’re updating and modernizing the look of your home with new faucets and toilets, or you’re looking to replace old pipes and plumbing for a major home remodeling project, our team of qualified, professional plumbers have the skills and experience you need to get the job correctly and at a cost-effective price! Our team has over 20 years of experience handling both large and small scale plumbing remodeling projects for both residential and commercial properties. Choose us for your remodeling project and you’ll be happy you did. We have the skills and expertise to produce a quality final product at an affordable, family-friendly price.

Different Types of Pipes

Because there are many types of of pipes that comprise a remodeling project, it’s important to know each pipe’s characteristics and which should be utilized in your home remodel. Whether it’s a shower or a toilet you are replacing, not all pipes are created equal. Our experienced plumbers have thorough knowledge of the city codes that will allow specific remodels. Additionally, here at Ihn we are conscious of our environmental impact relative to plumbing and local ecosystems. We bring that awareness to every project we do.

We inspect all existing pipelines and faucets before giving you an estimate, unlike some companies that give you a blind estimate. It’s important to inspect the quality of pipes if you are looking to do a remodel on an old property as the lifespan of most cast-iron drain systems are on their last legs. Cast-iron rots, for instance, from the inside out, another thing our camera technologies can detect, leaving in place, thin walls that can deteriorate at any time. Again, this is something you don’t want to find out the hard way, after copious amounts of money have been invested to only find the framework is not intact.

The Ihn Company Advantage

Our family owned business gives you  real quality and assurance that you’re searching for. We will not over promise and under deliver. We stand for integrity and loyalty. Don’t get yourself into a situation of starting a project yourself and waste time and money having to backtrack on such a situation. Contact us today a free quote or comprehensive needs analysis inspection.