New Construction Plumbing

Got a new construction plumbing problem? Look no further than your local Milwaukee plumbing specialists! For professional installation and repair of water pipes in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and beyond, call Ihn Company Inc. today! Our local and dependable family owned business will keep your building construction project on time and on budget. Our professional, certified plumbers have the experience, skills and education needed to manage both large and small scale new construction plumbing projects.

The Mechanics of Plumbing

There are two separate systems that work together cohesively to provide proper plumbing to your new home or building. One system takes freshwater in and another takes wastewater out. An innocent mix-up of the two, and you could be pumping wastewater and sewer gases right back into your newly built home! The health implications of such a minor hiccup in the piping are ten fold! Don’t let that happen to you. We have the skills and experience here at our family owned business that are needed to handle new construction plumbing projects throughout southeastern Wisconsin, winter and all!

Start out with a Solid Foundation

When building anything–be it a new home or commercial building–the last thing you need to deal with is a project delays or unqualified workers. Don’t risk costly scheduling delays, contact us instead! Starting out with a solid foundation is half the battle, and all the more reason to ensure you contract with a reputable plumbing company that won’t leave you in a lurch. Remember, installing new plumbing is not as cut and dry of a job as hooking up pipes; there are city codes that need to be followed and carpentry and blueprints that need to be understood. Simply over-tightening a pipe could cause a series of unwanted problems including water and gas leaks.

Call Ihn Company

Often times, homeowners take matters into their own hands, assuming plumbing work is as simple as a watching a tutorial. Unfortunately, homeowners leave many details overlooked. So the next time you need professional plumbing work, reach for your phone, not a wrench; leave it to an expert to sort out. Contact us ASAP for plumbing work that’s guaranteed to keep your building experience smooth and exceptional.