Gas Piping

Whether you need to install a new gas line in your kitchen for a water heater or outdoor grill, installing gas piping is a job best left to professionals. Installing gas piping presents many hazards and as such should not be left to the undertaking of an amateur.

The Risks of DIY Gas Line Installation

Installing gas piping is a serious project. Poorly installed gas piping can lead to gas leaks, improperly connected appliances or improperly sized pipes. All of these things carry risks for your property, your energy costs and the people in the vicinity. It’s never worth the risk.

Why waste money on a poorly done job when our family-run business is trusted and specializes in providing plumbing services for residential and commercial properties throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you’re planning to install the latest water heater, a stove, or a furnace, the gas piping is a surefire place to start! Gas powered appliances such as stoves tend to produce a more balanced stream of heat, are more efficient and are of higher quality compared to electric appliances that once were sought after. It is imperative to ensure your pipes are working properly for not only your own safety but the safety of the environment as well!

Call the Experts at Ihn Company

We are a local business that ensures our footprint is as clean and safe as possible! If you’re looking to remodel your house this winter, your pipes could need updating depending on what direction you want to go with your appliances. Consult us today.