Damp or Wet Basements

There are various ways in which water can find its way into your basement. The most common outlets include: moisture migrating through the concrete foundation of the basement walls, rain or groundwater, and humidifiers or humidity.

The Dangers of a Damp or Wet Basement

Increased moisture creates the perfect environment for mold. As we all know, mold is highly-toxic and dangerous if inhaled.The health implications for humans are very serious and include: allergies, infections and diseases such as toxic mold disease. These are all serious issues, but the effects of toxic mold disease, in particular, can be especially damaging. Effects include headaches, respiratory effects such as asthma, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, as well as skin irritation and rashes. Needless to say, mold is an issue that, if detected, needs to be addressed immediately.

The frustrating part about a damp or wet basement is that it can occur without the slightest crack or leak; often times, it is simply humidity and improper ventilation that are the culprits.

On the flip side of this, dampness can occur from condensation on cold concrete walls and floors during humid months. While this is obviously dependent on climate, indoor dampness is frustrating and sometimes is pushed to the wayside to be dealt with later, however, it’s a deeper rooted problem that just the topical problem.

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