Waterproof Outside Perimeter Foundation Walls of Homes and Buildings

The Advantages of Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing is a process by which a structure (such as concrete) is made impervious to water. Concrete is not watertight in its natural state so this is a great way to provide an extra layer of caution. Additionally, waterproofing is advantageous because it increases the overall value of your property. As far as safety goes, waterproofing makes it near impossible for the growth of mold. Waterproofing can also “open up” your basement area and therefore increase the overall utilization of your home’s square footage. Foundation waterproofing is a simple and cost-effective process that will save you time, money and headaches–and it’s just one of the areas of expertise of Ihn Company.

Advances in Technology

The construction industry has seen many advances in waterproofing technologies and materials over the past two decades. These include integral waterproofing systems as well as more advanced membrane materials that work with a matrix of a concrete structure, giving the concrete itself a waterproof quality.

At Ihn Company, the two main types of integral waterproofing systems we specialize in are hydrophobic and hydrophilic systems. The hydrophilic system uses crystallization technology a process replaces the water in the concrete with insoluble crystals. This forms a waterproof layer on the concrete, preventing leaks, drips and damage indefinitely. Depending on your needs, there are many technologies on the market–and we will help you find the most affordable option!

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