Uneven or Unstable Foundation

Not certain if you have uneven or unstable foundation? Let us provide some insight.

Determining Your Foundation’s Stability

The easiest method to determine the stability of your foundation is to roll a marble across the floor. If the marble does not continue in one straight line, but instead veers to the right or left, then you’ve got your answer. Scheduling a consultation with us will give us the opportunity to address the severity of your situation and also the root cause of the problem.

The main causes of uneven or unstable foundation include, but are not limited to, the following: movement of the soil underneath the foundation, improperly compacted soil under your house, faulty structural and foundational design, and excessive moisture due to inadequate foundation or plumbing leaks.

Left unrepaired, these types of structural problems, could lead to a devaluation of your property, as well as an increase in your utility bills. Additionally, structural problems lend themselves to additional problems like tripping hazards, erosion and even interference with your other home systems such as gas, electric and water.

How to Repair Uneven or Unstable Foundation

The two types of repairs we offer are slabjacking and piercing. Slabjacking is a method where holes are drilled into the walls and pumped with cement grout. The cement grout then works to level out the uneven foundation. As the grout hardens, it provides a subsoil on which the slab rests. Contrastingly, piercing is a method by which a mechanical jack is submerged under the subsoil and almost used as a crutch to revert the foundation back to grade and providing ongoing support. Within piercing, you have two options, pipes (known as push piers) and screws (known as helical piers). Both pipes and screw are installed deep enough to withstand fluctuations in soil moisture levels.

Call the Experts at Ihn Company

Need some help with your uneven or unstable foundation? If so, look no further than your local family owned and operated professionals at Ihn Company Inc. Our team is comprised of seasoned experts who are knowledgeable of foundational work! Contact us today for an inspection if you are experiencing uneven or unstable foundation around your home or business building before someone gets hurt as safety is our number one here at Ihn!