Drain Tile Repair, Replacement and Inspection

Are you experiencing moisture problems in your basement but are unsure of the cause? If so, the problem may be due to your drain tiles and it may be time for an inspection and even drain tile repair.

Drain Tile Inspection

The first step to a drain tile repair or replacement is to conduct a drain tile inspection. Doing so helps determine what type of internal drain system is in place and whether or not it’s functioning at capacity. A drain tile inspection procedure is done by opening up a few holes in various areas of your basement’s walls to check the interior and gauge how well it is functioning.

After visually inspecting the condition of the tiles by checking for things like mud and roots, a water hose is then inserted into the tiles to check for blockages, flow and pitch. Another test on top of the initial drain tile inspection is a tile-spud test. The tile-spud test is used to determine whether both the exterior and interior drain tiles are functioning as expected. To facilitate the test, a spud, or pipe, is driven down to where the exterior drain tile is located. Next, water is pumped through the spud (flushing) to determine if the water successfully reaches the interior drain tile via the footing bleeders connecting the inside tiles to the outside tiles.

Drain Tile Inspections for New Homes

If you’re looking at a prospective new property, it’s recommend you get an inspection to ensure that moisture problems within the basement do not occur down the road. This is a step that often goes under the radar with a new home purchase, but are just as important as electrical or structural inspections.

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