Drain Tile Inspections

If you are wondering if your interior drain tile system is failing the easiest way to find out is to have our company perform a interior drain tile test. When we arrive to the home we open 3-4 inspection holes in the concrete floor. We then remove the debris in the hole to expose the drain tile and open the drain tiles.

Once the drain tile is open we run water through the system as to simulate a rain situation, wait, and get a visual of the waters path. Meanwhile on the exterior of the home we test the foundation wall and exterior system by driving a water spud into the ground and running water which also simulates a rain situation. By performing a drain tile inspection it basically gives us an x-ray of your drainage system.

After the Milwaukee drain tile inspection is performed, and diagnose what is wrong with your drainage system, we will give you a report on the cause of the problem and how we plan on to remedy it.