Drain Tile System

Do you have a wet of damp basement? When there is a big rain fall do you have water streaming across your basement floor?

When wetness occurs in the basement the most common cause of this is a failing inside drain tile system. Drain tile systems in a home are basically drainage systems that divert water away from the home through a sump pump or through a palmer valve. Most homes have drain tile running around the perimeter of the exterior of the home and the interior of the home.

When it rains, water filtrates through the ground and enters the exterior drain tile system. The exterior drain tile system Milwaukee guides the water to an entry point to the interior drain tile system called a bleeder. Water then travels to the interior drain tile system which is then diverted to your sump pump or palmer valve. After the water reaches your sump pump or palmer valve it gets discharged away from your home.

Drain Tile Diagrams