Cracked Foundation Walls

No matter how you look at it, foundation problems often mean expensive repairs. The key red flags to pay attention to are: cracks on the walls and doors and windows that are not closing as they should. Cracked foundation and/or basement walls need to be checked by an expert to determine the best next steps.

Types of Cracks

There is a “language” that can be read within the different types of cracks you may find in your home, varying from insignificant to serious. The good news is that small cracks such as hairline cracks are very common and are usually not indicative of larger problems. However, if you find cracks at an L-shape section in the walls, then these are likely to be symptomatic of larger problems. The good news? These cracks typically are not structural but should be fixed to keep the integrity of the wall.

What cracks should you worry about? Horizontal cracks and stair-step cracks are the two main cracks of concern, especially if there is a crack or bulging that is wider than ¼ of an inch.

Even if you think the cracked foundation walls you’ve come to find are not that serious, bear in mind that holes springing from cracks could bring unwelcome guests such as termites and other pests. Those same holes could also bring moisture and cause water damage.

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