All About Drain Tile

A home is only as strong as the foundation beneath it, so you really can’t take any chances when it comes to the structural integrity of your foundation. A safe, dry, and comfortable living space depends on the foundation, and the integrity of the foundation depends on proper drainage. If water is pooling at the base of your foundation, it will eventually find its way into your basement, eroding the foundation walls in the process. This leads to a wet, dank basement and a greatly weakened foundation. Most homes in the Milwaukee area use a drain tile system to remove water from the foundation walls and channel it away from the home, and if this system is failing, your foundation is in trouble. You’ll need a drain tile system expert, and in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Madison areas, no one knows drain tile systems like The IHN Company.

Typically, drain tile is not tile at all, but a perforated pipe that runs the perimeter of your home at the bottom of the foundation wall. As rainwater and other moisture accumulates and flows along your foundation wall, it eventually collects into the drain tile, and either is removed by gravity or pumped away from the home.

Drain tile can become damaged due to breakdown of the material in older homes or due to the force of the earth on top of it. Once the drain tile is crushed, cracked or broken, it can no longer carry water the full length, leading to pooling against the foundation wall. As mentioned above, that water will eventually find its way into your basement. Clogs can also occur in drain tile, due to matter infiltrating the pipe itself or even clogging the perforations. In this situation, the water can’t move through the drain tile, overflowing and pooling against the foundation.

Shoddy workmanship and old and unreliable materials can also play a role in the health of your drain tile. If you live in an older home, it’s a good idea to have your drain tile checked for problems, before problems arise.

The IHN Company offers drain tile services that are second to none. Our #1 goal is the comfort of your living space and the health of your home, and we’ll work tirelessly to make sure that your drain tile is doing its job, and continues to do so for many years.

Need drain tile system repair for your home?

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