4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

Your water heater is one of the most important features in your home and is vital to everyday living. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a hot shower, warm water for hand-washing, or laundry and dish cleaning. Did you know that the average person typically uses warm water up to 20 times per day?

With so much daily use, you’re bound to see signs that your water heater needs to be replaced. Let’s take a look at 4 signs you’re in need of a water heater replacement.

Your Water Heater is Leaking

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years. However, this can vary depending on the quality of installation, design, and location of the unit. For that reason, there is an increased chance that water may begin appearing on the floor around the tank.

When the water heater is located on the ground level of your home, leaks could result in significant damage to your property, such as:

  • Soaked/ruined carpet
  • Mold due to the absorption of water into your carpet or floors
  • Water damage to your walls, furniture, or electronics

Therefore, a leaky water heater is the most serious problem that can occur and should be replaced immediately.

Your Home Lacks Hot Water

If your shower runs out of hot water each time you use it, it’s time for a replacement. Sediment builds up in water heaters which separate the heat source and takes up space in the system. In short, your hot water heater’s ability to provide your home with hot water significantly decreases.

There are typically three possible issues that can lead to a loss of hot water:

You Notice Rusty Water

Seeing rusty water falling from your pipes isn’t an enjoyable experience. If rust appears in the hot water from your faucets, chances are you have a rusty water heater. On the other hand, there could be an issue with your pipes. Since your piping system is made up of galvanized pipes, rust can inevitably form on the insides.

One way to check if rust is originating from the water tank or your pipes is to drain a few buckets of hot water from the tank. If your water is still rusty by the third bucket, then the tank is the source of the issue and not the pipes.

Odd Noises from the Water Heater

If you notice banging or rumbling noises in your water heater, it may be a sign of sediment building up in your hot water heater. When sediment build-up begins to harden and take up space in your water heater, it makes it difficult for the system to properly heat your water supply. The best way to ensure that your hot water heater does not endure inefficiency or accelerated damage due to sediment build-up is to replace your water heater as soon as possible.

Is Your Water Heater in Need of Replacement?

When water heating accounts for 20% of your household budget, it might be time to look for a more efficient water heater. If you’ve got a cold water problem and your current tank water heater is draining you of time, money and resources, then look no further than your local Milwaukee water heater specialists!

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